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Massachusetts College of Art and Design Photography Department:
MPPH-336/536: From Still to Moving Image

This course is designed to develop students' fluency in moving image practices, with an emphasis on digital video. Drawing and expanding on their existing skills as lens-based image-makers, students complete a series of moving image assignments culminating in a final video project. We will consider the various ways in which photography and video intersect in the contemporary art world, with relevant screenings of diverse examples of time-based media works. Technical demonstrations and assignments are aimed at increasing skills in video and sound capture, non-linear editing, and preparing video works for screening and exhibition.
Open to matriculating MassArt students only

Massachusetts College of Art and Design PCE:
MPPH-301/501: Introduction to Digital Photography

Students are introduced to the creative and technical possibilities of digital photography while exploring photographic history and current practices. They learn how to use a digital camera and computer imaging software to create photographs through raw file formats. Topics covered include camera operations (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length) as well as photographic concerns such as lighting and composition. Assignments target the weekly lesson and aim to push students’ creativity by applying the tools learned. Our goal is to discover new ways of looking at the world by heightening our awareness to the subtleties of light and color, the abstraction of shape and the communication of concepts behind a photograph.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design PCE:
NC-450: Digital Post-Production in Adobe Lightroom

An intensive workshop in Adobe Lightroom and digital photography post-production that introduces a streamlined, professional workflow for taking images from camera to finished product. Learn the basics and beyond of this powerful, industry standard software, from file management to creative editing techniques. Topics covered include navigating the Lightroom interface, importing and organizing images, tonal and color adjustments, advanced color techniques, retouching, and exporting images for web, print, and photo books. Now that you’ve shot the images, edit them like a pro! Students come to Class 1 with a drive (portable external or flash drive) containing images (RAW files or JPEGs, RAW encouraged) to work with in class.



  1. Workflow 1: From Camera to Lightroom
    Workflow 1 Video | Workflow 1 Handout (Intro class) | Workflow 1 Handout (Advanced class)

  1. LR-01: Creating a New Catalog / Setting Lightroom Preferences
    LR-01 Video
  2. LR-02: Importing Images
    LR-02 Video
  3. LR-03: Modules, Views, and Attributes (Navigating LR Interface, Sorting/Rating/Labeling Images)
    LR-03 Video | LR-03 Handout
  4. LR-04: Develop Module: Basic Tab 1: Basic Tonal Adjustment and White Balance
    LR-04 Video | LR-04 Handout
  5. LR-05:
  6. LR-06: Introduction to th Book Module in Lightroom: Getting Started with Your Blurb Book
    LR-06 Video

  1. PS-00: Making A Custom Workspace in Photoshop
    PS-00 Video
  2. PS-01: LR-PS Workflow | Clarity/Sharpness in LR | High Pass filter in PS | Intro to Masking
    PS-01 Video

  1. Printing-01: Creating a Printfile (4-image grid for 24" roll printer)
    Printing-01 Video
  2. Printing-02: Printing in Tower 3 Lab
    Printing-02 Handout
  3. Printing-03: Making Contact Sheet Files in Lightroom
    Printing-03 Video